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Muska Group is an award-winning production company based in Haiti with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Dedicated to create compelling visual content for business and entertainment purposes, Muska Group offers creative and technical services and works with companies of all sizes seeking to better communicate their ideas through any audiovisual content. 


In Haiti, the Caribbean and Africa, we have countless projects under our belt from over 100 Tv ads, corporate videos, Television programs, web series, music videos, shorts, documentaries and features defining our scope of services. Our work has been recognized with 9 international awards for commercials, 9 nominations and 5 awards for features. We also love to provide production support to local and foreign film crews, including equipment rental, location scouting and logistics.

Today, with a film under our belt, Muska's main goal is to develop the Haitian film industry and ensure its sustainability through a unique and innovative identity within the current cinematic landscape. Check out our work and, please, reach out and say hello to us!

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