Founded in 2007, MUSKA is an award-winning audiovisual production company dedicated to create compelling visual content for business and entertainment purposes. Based in Haiti, it is recognized as a major institutional company distinguished by its creativity. Muska is not limited in its scope and is characterized by an extremely diverse catalog with over 100 advertising and promotional films, music videos, short films, documentaries, television programs, webs series and 9 international awards. The company offers creative and technical services and works with companies of all sizes seeking to better communicate their ideas through any kind of audiovisual project. In the current reality of broadcasting and production means that are constantly changing and multiplying, all stories have a format and diffusion potential.

Young and dynamic, it is composed of a team of qualified creators and experienced technicians, concerned particularly about the quality of their work that is the product of a joint creative process. Beside our expertise, a varying sets of skills are added to our company such as the creation of a recording studio, the construction of rental space which offers the largest rental yard, the setup of a branch focusing mainly on ambitious films, entertaining television series and compelling documentaries. Today, with a film under its belt, Muska's main goal is to develop the Haitian film industry and ensure its sustainability through a unique and innovative identity within the current cinematic landscape.

Gaëthan Chancy
Manager, Producer

Bruno Mourral
Director, Producer